No 56 by boxplayer

No 56

A bit of a groundhog day with shed man arriving early who turned out to be fencing man from last week (same firm, we suspected it would be the same guy).

Decided on our shed spec and once shed man had gone, I cycled off to the high street to change my address at Nationwide. Then cycled up to the William Morris Gallery to buy some earrings for my niece's Valentine's Day birthday. Found a nice little handmade zip-up bag to go with the earrings and sat down for a while to watch the video accompanying the Jeremy Deller English Magic exhibition. Very good, featuring as it did falcons, owls, steel bands and big Range Rovers being crushed in scrap yards.

Then grabbed a couple of the nice cakes from the tea room to take away and headed into the park to take a few pics. While I'd been in the gallery there'd been an enormous shower, and as I wandered round the park, the sky started looking threatening again, so hopped back on the bicycle (hopped being a little generous for the geriatric cranking of my bad hip into operation and the heaving of my clumsy leg to get onto the thing - bear in mind, this is a lady's bike so no horizontal bar to leap over - this is how unfit and inflexible I am).

Didn't actually rain all that much and had stopped by the time I got back to the house.

At some point, Dave got itchy feet and an urge to go and enjoy a bit of the uncharacteristic sunshine in evidence outside. So we nipped over to our nearest park (much smaller than our old lovely one) and then headed to the high street to see if we could find the new hip and trendy cafe that's opened up round the corner there. We did find it, no sign, just a big no 56 above the door.

Inside was a touch Hackney Hipsters R Us decor - interesting light bulbs, tongue and groove white painted walls and odd finds scattered about. Not sure if these are skipping ropes or some kind of lace/weaving accoutrements. But very nice it was - friendly people and a lovely chicory and halloumi salad - although I did get a teabag and cup of not quite boiling water as an excuse for a cup of tea, which wasn't quite up to the mark.

Then back home for an afternoon of pootling and pottering - measured up the windows in the spare bedrooms for cheap and cheerful curtains. Ordered a tablet. Looked up Mondaine clocks on the internet but decided they aren't worth the money and fell in love with a Newgate one instead - which turns out to be out of stock. Have emailed Newgate to find out when they will be returning.

Meanwhile it got darker and a bit tempestuous outside (no, you don't say - what squally winds and showers, surely not?). We left the house early evening to walk the thankfully short 5 min stroll to Hilary's across the other side of the main road for dinner with her and Peter.

Nice chatting evening with Peter's retirement champagne, some nice wine and a fish pie thing that Hilary cooked up.

Tongue and groove
Park view

8 February 2014
Walthamstow E17
Love the simplicity of your shot! An eventful day! And champagne, wine and fish pie to finish - mmmmm!
February 9th, 2014  
These skipping ropes look very arty against the lovely tongue & groove.....I like the splash of retro colour.. Dave is going to have a man shed!!!!!!
February 9th, 2014  
@happypat oh yes! He's looking forward to his shed!
February 9th, 2014  
Nice, simple, colourful with the skipping ropes.
February 9th, 2014  
Great shot, I like that tongue and groove.
March 7th, 2014  
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