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From London UK. Now on my 15th year of doing the 365 project. I now have 14 albums behind me (not all on this site) with a photo taken on each day (except for a few days where I forgot to take a photo - I have left these deliberately blank). Other than that, no fillers included. My primary purpose is to keep a record of what I get up to, hence the various long, rambling essays about my hols, evenings out etc etc.

I don't generally do individual thank yous but I am always grateful for and appreciative of all your lovely comments and faves, you're all wonderful!


No challenge this year.

2016, I did an A-Z challenge - 2 weeks for each letter.

2015, I did a colour theme challenge, a picture a day with a different colour theme every month: January - primary colours, February - winter colours, March - black and white (together like a chessboard or zebra crossing), April - pastel colours, May - spring colours, June - rainbow/multi colours, July - pale colours, August - summer colours, September - neon fluorescent dayglo colours, October - black and white, November - autumn colours, December - Christmas colours.

2014 I did a 12 colours challenge - a picture a day in one colour for a whole month, a different colour every month. January - Blue, February - White, March - Yellow, April - Green, May - Pink, June - Black, July - Purple, but August - Red, September - Grey, October - Orange, November - Brown
December - Metallics. And as an added challenge, for each month, I ticked off several themes:
Fruit / vegetable / foodstuff Tag = colour-fruitvegfood, Drink Tag = colour-drink, Plant Tag = colour-plant, Architecture Tag = colour-architecture, On the street Tag = colour-street, Transport Tag = colour-transport, People Tag = colour-people, Selfie Tag = colour-selfie

Thank you in advance for your constructive, kind comments and follows. I can't always guarantee to keep up with everyone's pics, much as I love it when I get time to have a look, so apologies in advance if I cannot always actively follow you in return.