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Silverton Park Stables

Although we meant to get up a bit earlier today, we didn't manage to do so and, what with having to pack up, we weren't down to breakfast much earlier than yesterday. Our hosts regaled us with the tale of the very quiet sensible seeming woman who appeared to have gone off with one of their pillows. We then said goodbye and went off to stow the bags in the car.

An unpleasant older man driving out of what looked like a posh estate opposite where we parked moaned at us for parking there and how was an ambulance supposed to get through blah blah - irritating. And then there was a man twitching at the window of the house we'd parked outside.

We decided to move the car further down - while I was waiting for Dave to do that the twitcher opened the window to speak to him. Dave was all ready to have a go, but the bloke was actually OK.

We then walked down to the town again and I had a look round some more of the shops and the craft stalls by Kennaway House. Dave found a leather stall where he thought he might be able to get a shoulder rest for his satchel. The man was optimistic he could do something for him and told him to come back at 1.30.

Got some more pies from another shop this time for lunch, and picked up some fudge to take back to work. Then wandered over to the Radway for a last session. Not a particularly good one unfortunately.
Then we left to go pick up Sophie from Honiton station, munching our pies in the car - again not all that nice, odd that. The train was 10 mins late but we found some short-stay parking so no problem.

Then we drove on to the Landmark Trust property we were staying at for the weekend for Peter's 50th birthday - Silverton Park Stables - just a bit further north. We initially missed the entrance even though I was following the detailed instructions, but it just looked like an anonymous farm entrance.

The drive took us under an impressive arch and then under the road. The place itself was amazing - a massive stable block around a central courtyard. It's all that remains of a big mansion built in the 19th century which is now gone

As we arrived, the sun was shining and lit up everything beautifully. Peter was putting up some welcome bunting in the entrance and Lara was unpacking the big shopping delivery. S showed us to our room in the north wing on the first floor with a bathroom handily next door. Had a good look round all the rooms - all furnished thoughtfully in the appropriate style.

Downstairs in the main wing, there was a big table tennis room and the kitchen and living room were one open plan long room with a huge table, big sofa and comfy chairs.

I made some tea for all of us with the welcome tea tray left by the housekeepers. Then we tried to be patient with the pasta water that was taking an age to boil - we needed to leave at 6.15 to go back to Sidmouth and catch Anna play at the evening dance at the Bulverton with Dave Shepherd supporting MoltenAmba.

And I'd forgotten to give the keys back to the B&B hostess so needed to drop those off too.
But dinner was eventually ready - yummy homemade pesto with pasta. Then we hurried Sophie out and drove off - I'd managed to get Google Maps to find me a route back though wondered how I'd find my way back here in the dark.

We dropped off the keys at the B&B and then found our way to the car park by the Bulverton and parked up - costs £2 now - bit steep. Then into the marquee - they weren't letting people in yet - so we got ourselves some drinks from the swish bar - had a very nice cosmopolitan (and got myself a free prosecco later when the bellini they tried to make me went pear shaped because their prosecco had frozen in the fridge).

Then we were in for a lovely evening - Dave and Anna playing beautifully and then MoltenAmba funking it up with lots of danceable tunes. Danced a fair bit having put the knee brace on. Seemed very quiet though, a lot of people were down in town for the procession and fireworks.

Also nice to see a few friendly faces - Frances, Jo M, Alison M as well as Kerry of course. Then drove back and had a fair bit of cheese with all the others (Lara, Peter and family, Matt and Caroline and family, Sophie, Anna, Dan and Gemma and Dash the dog) before I fell asleep on a comfy chair.

P is for public house
Dave Shepherd and Anna Pack play Sidmouth Folk Week

5 August 2016
Silverton, Devon
What a beautiful old building....Lovely warm red brickwwork.
August 11th, 2016  
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