Ambresbury Banks by boxplayer

Ambresbury Banks

An ancient earthwork from circa 500 BC in Epping Forest. Believed to have been used as an animal fold along with the earthwork further south Loughton Camp. This one was reputed to have been the site of the defeat and death of Queen Boudicca although apparently this has been disproved. Liked the idea of it though.

A restless night, and then I slept all the way through till 8.30. We finally got up about 9.30 and got washed and dressed and quickly breakfasted so that we could get out and take Dave's work van to the garage for its MOT.

Was slow going and we didn't get out of the house till nearly 11. Walked the 20 minutes to where the van was parked then drove up to Epping to the garage - missed it initially but eventually found it. Total white van man land though - odd little business estate with lots of automotive repair type places.

Bit of a faff for a while trying to get the van in and having to back up to let others in and out and then had to wait at reception for a bit. But eventually we managed to leave the thing and get out.

Had decided to do a bit of Epping Forest walking as the day was so nice. Decided not to walk all the way to Chingford - 7 miles and would have been a bit of a rush having left so late. So we walked along the Centenary Path for a couple of miles passing Ambresbury Banks then veering off towards Theydon Bois.

A few other people were about, mainly dog walkers and a few cyclists. The colours were absolutely amazing - with the sunshine coming through the lingering leaves. A really stunning walk.

Got to Theydon Bois about 2.15 and wandered down towards the 2 pubs in the village. The first one, the Queen Victoria, looked quite good so we went in there. Good choice. Comfy chairs, log fire, mulled wine and a good menu.

I had the mulled wine with extra rum along with a halloumi and sweet potato burger (with sweet potato fries) and Dave went for the polenta and cheese tart and we shared some crispy squid. Managed to get another mulled wine down me too.

Then walked to the tube and picked up the Central line getting off at South Woodford. Walked to the 123 bus stop (one of the most dispiriting bus stops in the world perched on the north circular) via the International Supermarket.

Had to wait a good 20 mins for a bus and by the time it came, there were quite a few people who'd to the bus stop after us and the bus was packed when it came. We all mobbed on - I managed to get on but of course Dave being all unassertive didn't. Cue me getting all het up and trying to get off again and Dave losing his temper and shouting at the driver for not pulling up to the bus stop proper.

I think us 2 middle-aged people making a big ranty fuss did the job though and suddenly the waves of people seemed to part and Dave managed to get on. But it was chocka all the way to Walthamstow.

Finally got back and rested up until it was time to go to Pilates. New teacher this evening (although she'd been doing it a while, I just haven't managed to get to any Wednesday classes). Not too taxing thank goodness.

Got back and had some Ryvita, tea, chocolate and cheese while I caught up with my photo uploading. M decided to go straight back to my mum's as she was tired and had an early train.

Dave got a call from the garage - unsurprisingly the van had failed the MOT - they'll call tomorrow with a quote.

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Autumn field

16 November 2016
Epping Forest, Essex
Lovely autumn scene fav
November 17th, 2016  
Beautiful scene.
November 17th, 2016  
Fabulous lighting and carpet of leaves.
November 17th, 2016  
this is beautiful
November 17th, 2016  
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