30 Days Wild - Day 9: Tree canopy by boxplayer

30 Days Wild - Day 9: Tree canopy

An amazing racket bird activity in this tree canopy viewed from Sophie's top room.

Woke up early and I got a bit cross as Dave was reading. But our argument was dissipated when I checked the election results to find there had been no landslide and things had gone much better than could have been anticipated a few weeks ago.

I had the day off and enjoyed a lazy start, lounging in bed and watching the first episode of the Handmaid's Tale. Very good. J came back late morning to find me still slobbing about in my nightie.

So got busy packing and showering. Then went off and did a bit of a shop then played a few tunes before going off to Turkey Street to meet Dave. Bit of a struggle with the suitcase, shopping and all. Still very warm and sunny.

Long drive south over the Dartford Crossing, through Kent and into Sussex, but no real traffic problems. And the satnav navigated us right to Sophie's door where she welcomed us. We had a lovely evening - nibbles in her top room with views over the tree canopy and beyond and the birds going crazy, really loud and flying around everywhere. Blackbirds and lots of cheeky sparrows.

Dinner was yummy pasta with cheese and walnuts and the wilting greens from our veg box, prosecco and wine.

9 June 2017
Burpham, West Sussex
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