Birds on the frozen lake in St James's Park by boxplayer

Birds on the frozen lake in St James's Park

The birds all a bit nonplussed with the rather extraordinarily frozen solid (apart from a bit) lake in St James's Park.

Have lived in London all my life, but have never known it so cold. Absolutely arctic, quite literally and the lakes in all the central London parks were indeed solid ice.

Set off from the house in wellies and my yak traks (wirey things you can put over your soles to walk on packed ice and snow). So didn't slip about too much. Forest Road on the way to the tube station was uncharacteristically deserted and Dave's journey into college was also one of the quickest he's done. Loads of people obviously staying at home.

I wondered whether to walk through the parks but decided to and was glad of it - really beautiful trudging through the snow in between the skeletal trees and with the views over the lake.

Quite a few people in at work surprisingly. And the Pilates teacher had made it in, so a session at lunchtime. Planned on getting fish and chips in on the way home, but the chippie was shut. Lack of business or lack of fish, no idea.

So went back and had fishfinger sandwiches instead and watched Outnumbered - on to series 2.

Weather looking a bit grim again tomorrow.

Dead twig in the snow

1 March 2018
St James's Park SW1
What a lovely view and park. It reminds me of our park in St Neots
March 4th, 2018  
Goodness me that looks so cold!
March 5th, 2018  
@carmelabiscuit thanks for the fave!
March 6th, 2018  
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