Heather and Hinckley Point by boxplayer

Heather and Hinckley Point

A lovely scene on top of the ridge above Halsway Manor - lots of heather and gorse and a distant view of the nuclear reactor (not so lovely).

Woke up quite early and checked the weather - amazingly there were sunny intervals so decided to go on the pre-breakfast walk. Found other walkers in the hall, but no sign of Paul the leader. So ended up going without him.

Having done this walk many a time, I knew what to expect, but found it very hard going. Was very out of breath very quickly and felt was about to die of a heart attack. Also was very muddy underfoot.

Got past the lovely banks of trees at the top turning to look back across to the sea and hills. Carried on a bit further than I've been, over the ridge to a swathe of heathland full of heather and prickly gorse. Could see more sea in the distance with the shape of Hinckley Point looming.

Going down, I managed to break my pole by extending it too far. So was stuffed for a bit descending but Alastair managed to fix it. And my joints and muscles didn't feel too bad anyway.

Breakfast lacked prunes and grapefruit today but we did get tomatoes, mushrooms and scrambled eggs.
Another warm-up with Gigi then workshops with Paul in the morning and Anne in the afternoon. Going over the tunes and arranging them - Coteeto, One for Sorrow (with its Addams Family intro and Pink Floyd ending), Polysonneries de Chypre and Anne's own Hot September. Some of the others did a bit of improvising but not up to that yet.

Got a cream tea half way through the afternoon and I couldn't resist a scone. So dinner felt far too soon after that especially as it was a roast - nut roast and veg, potatoes as well as Anna's yorkshire pudding which I managed to blag. Only one glass of wine though tonight as we were performing.
The concert programme included our two groups doing the pieces we'd learned along with a joint piece we all did together. All the tutors did a short slot before we came on so the whole thing actually went on for a respectable 2 hours.

The other group were amazing - they'd done Magaloufou, Ham Street and a kost ar choad. Tried to video them but was jigging about a lot, so videos a bit shaky. There were even some real audience members in too - must have been a good 15 or so.

Into the bar after that on a high - lots of chat and laughter and drinking then a really excellent session until 2.30 when only a few of us were still up.

Ravi and Anna https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2018-04-01

1 April 2018
Crowcombe, Somerset
Beautiful place to wander!
April 4th, 2018  
Lovely wide open space.
April 4th, 2018  
wonderful landscape - so calming
April 5th, 2018  
You were so close to my home :) Next time you'll have to come and visit xx
April 8th, 2018  
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