Pink hair by boxplayer

Pink hair

Almost as pink as the rosa mundi from yesterday - here crossing Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Dave woke me up to say the foxes were fighting in the garden. Little beggars, they were scrapping in the ceanothus bush - and rose petals were flying everywhere until I ran out in my nightie and chased them off.

Pilates at lunchtime. Was on the requests inbox so ended up working lateish. And just as I was trying to finish up we had a power cut - though lights came back on immediately, it was nearly 45 mins or so before we got power back to the sockets and my laptop only must managed to survive before the battery ran out.

Fish and chips and Outnumbered once I got home.

Remarkable Creatures

7 June 2018
Pimlico SW1
I like that show "Outnumbered"
June 14th, 2018  
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