Winter hydrangea by boxplayer

Winter hydrangea

Very dark this morning and I seemed to sleep badly - woke up very anxious. Had to get out the Kalms in fact.

Seemed milder though as I walked through the park. Today saw lots of blackbirds - apparently many of the ones we see in winter are actually migrants from northern Europe, come to join our natives. Also the usual squirrels, a big cygnet, the first snowdrops and some daffodil spears poking through.

Then just as I'd crossed Birdcage Walk, a mangy fox ran past and disappeared up Queen Anne's Gate.

So all day spent talking to the new intern, so was quite sore throaty and hoarse by the end of it especially with choir at lunchtime. Masses of new people seemed to have joined - standing room only for the sopranos.

Was due to go to the volunteer briefing this evening for the Welcome to the Forest event at the weekend. But incredibly, I picked up an email about needing to publish an oral statement at 6.15ish - and as I'm on duty this week, it was down to me. Couldn't believe it, we so rarely have to be called on. And the Victoria line was totally screwed so couldn't even leave work to go home as it would have taken over an hour via Liverpool Street.

Desperately tried to find someone to cover but had no joy. Having been given the go-ahead to go home and do the update from there I left, thinking I'd have to cancel the briefing but amazingly, Rachel messaged just as I was leaving and volunteered her services.

And thank goodness they reopened the Victoria line so I was able to get to the briefing, albeit a few minutes late. Picked up my uniform - terrible sizing-wise - made for straight-down people so in order to get anything that fitted around my hips - I had to opt for the tent-sized options.

Home rather late to a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs supper.

7 January 2019
Westminster SW1
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