Clear morning sky by boxplayer

Clear morning sky

My sister's birthday today, so Facebooked and texted her.

A lovely light morning with no clouds in the sky as I emerged from Green Park station, but noticeably colder. Quite heartening to see a bit of light though.

Lots of bird life in the park today - the black and white swans seem to be happily wandering about together in a big group. And someone came onto the bridge and decided to feed the birds - the gulls who'd been lounging around on the water went crazy. Also lots of tufted ducks and mallards in evidence.

Had a bit of a rant about bloody new year's resolutioners. Can't stand them. When I went down for my personal training session, 2 poor women who'd booked onto the yoga class were complaining because there was no room in the class for them.

Then when I went to heat up my leftover toad in the hole and mash in the microwave rooms - found they all had massive queues. All these people resolving to bring their lunch in presumably. Shouldn't be cross at people trying to better themselves, but it's an irritation to have your routine disrupted by people who will have given up by next week. So I had cold toad in the hole.

On the inbox today with the intern, a bit more busy than ideal to train as I had to do a lot of the stuff myself as it was needed in a hurry.

Went home via M&S to look at black cardis for my mum's birthday. Didn't have the right size so ordered one online to collect later. Home to a spicy tuna pasta cooked by Dave, very yummy. Watched Friends.

Unfortunately after the stabbing of a young fellow outside Blackhorse Road station at the weekend (he's in hospital, hopefully recovering), a 14-year-old was stabbed to death near the Baker's Arms today. Terrible.

Feeding time

8 January 2019
St James's Park
A beautiful start to the day :)
January 9th, 2019  
January 10th, 2019  
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