Songhive and ultra local honey by boxplayer

Songhive and ultra local honey

Ordered this CD just before Christmas - lots of folk luminaries singing songs and playing tunes about bees - raising awareness of the plight of the bees. Along with our atrociously expensive but very yummy ultra-local honey we got from people whose garden backs onto ours.

Didn't set foot outside today - very murky and wet and dank. Lay in for a while catching up on emails, the paper etc. Then managed to tick most things off my bullet list. Booked a boiler service, submitted our meter readings, packed for a weekend away and prepared a tray bake for later.

Also managed to do a nice hour or so of reading and picked up the melodeon for the first time since before Christmas.

Dave was late having stopped at work to do more of their RHS stuff then had trouble on the A406 - now time for the tray bake - aubergines, squash, swede, halloumi and bulgur wheat.

16 January 2019
Walthamstow E17
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