Withered rose by boxplayer

Withered rose

Very wintry withered rose in the gardens of Halsway Manor.

A bit of a restless night, with my back aching a bit and feeling rather dehydrated - had only had 2 glasses of wine last night.

It was dark and had been forecast to be raining a lot but decided to get up anyway and found Jo downstairs. Poked our heads outside - no rain and not too cold - though was very dark.

Walked up the hill, very muddy as usual at the bottom which soon got a little less muddy. Lots of low cloud and mist, so no sunrise in evidece, nor any deer or ponies. But did get very out of breath.

As was so misty, we stopped at the crossing path at the top rather than fight through the heather to try and get a non-view. Worked our way down for a breakfast of porridge with prunes, a veggie fry up and toast.

Grabbed 20 mins to have a read and do a bit of Spanish Duolingo before the morning workshop, working on Walter Bulwer's nos 2 and 1.

During the buffet lunch the sun came out. Did a bit more reading before Jo's percussion workshop, and the following arranging a tune workshop. By the end of the afternoon had started to get very tired, so decided against either the spoons or the learning by ear workshops and went and did a bit more Spanish by the fire then reading.

Dinner was salmon in hollandaise - sat with a couple of young women who turned out to be Halsway Manor's poets in residence. Got more reading in after that before the ceilidh. This was brilliant and I danced a lot, though felt my (good) knee go a bit funny. Quite quiet and oddly some people that had arrived from outside, paying money to get in, left immediately after the first number. We never found out why.

Session after till half eleven.

Token Women workshop https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-01-19

19 January 2019
Crowcombe, Somerset
Lovely shot, great composition
January 28th, 2019  
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