Oysters at Searcys by boxplayer

Oysters at Searcys

An early Valentine's lunch at Searcys at St Pancras. Dave had the day off today to join me on my non-working day.

Bit of a grand day out - absolutely exhausting but lots of fun. A couple of exhibitions - I am Ashurbanipal at the British Museum annd Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms at the British Library with a nice lunch in between.

We were rather lazy getting up as it's not far to St Pancras but it all turned into a mad rush when I found out there were severe delays on the Victoria line. Rushed showering and breakfasting and got the tube to King's Cross. Luckily the server delays had become minor ones by this time.

First up was the Anglo-Saxons at the British Library. A big queue but it moved quickly, as it was just for bag checking and they'd only just opened the doors.

Stupidly busy in the first room but seemed to be fine after that. A good thing as most of the exhibits needed close investigation: Domesday Book from the National Archives, lots of gospels, illuminated manuscripts, bits of the Staffordshire hoard, the original Beowulf, Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People and much more.

All displayed within the context of this fascinating period of different Anglo-Saxon kingdoms fighting each other and gradually merging to form something that resembles England.

Had a good set lunch at Searcys, accompanied by six oysters. Quinoa, avocado and pomegranate salad followed by herb-crusted salmon and chips.

Had a quick look in the British crafts shop on the same level but then it was a mad rush walk to the British Museum for I Am Ashurbanipal, famous Assyrian king - catchphrase of the exhibition - the rather marvellous:

"Warrior. Scholar. Empire builder. King slayer. Lion hunter. Librarian."

A fascinating exhibition mainly showing the big Assyrian sculptural relief panels from its own collection. A rather sad last section focused on the about modern day destruction of Nimrud and Nineveh by Daesh and how the museum is helping Iraqi archaeological staff and students rebuild their collections.

It was mayhem at Holborn and busy on both tube lines but we were eventually home and brainstorming for our gin evening: drawing up a shopping list and working out garnishes. Ended the day with hot cross buns and cheese. Odd I know.

Ashurbanipal's library https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-02-13

13 February 2019
King's Cross N1C
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