Bed of daffodils by boxplayer

Bed of daffodils

Someone's planted a lovely long trough of flowers in a neighbouring road.

Trip to Ikea today. Nearly didn't go as there seemed a fair bit to do today, but in the end, we thought would be good to go and get the cupboard we had our eye on to use as a linen cupboard at the top of the stairs. Same model as our drinks cupboard but without the glass panels.

Quite busy by the time we'd got there and we did the obligatory wandering round the snaking path of the showroom (although there are amazingly little guides now telling you where everything is and how to do a shortcut).

But having raved about how Ikea are great in that they keep things in their product range for ages unlike other shops that just change everything as the seasons change - we found that our cupboard (sans glass panels) as no longer available.

Having had a lunch of salmon (for me) and veggie balls (for Dave), we decided to just get one of the ones with glass panels - not the end of the word - fairly cheap and we could always re-use it for something else if we find something better.

Picked up some other useful bits as you do and then had the compulsory row at the cash till as Dave told me off for getting too close to the couple in front - I was only trying to get my basket stuff onto the conveyor where there was space.

Very showery and cold when we got out - raining hard off and on. Found a parking space amazingly outside the house so wasn't too bad bringing in the big cupboard boxes.

Cooked up a big leek, potato and jerusalem artichoke soup for the week ahead and caught up with my 365 uploading.

Ikea map

17 March 2019
Walthamstow E17
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