Bedding by boxplayer


This defunct shop has had a more modern sign up advertising discount bedding for a while, but that's come down revealing an earlier sign. Been a bedding place for a while from the old format telephone number.

Slept heavily when I did sleep, but needed to get up to go to the loo a lot. Very restless. And a very anxious day - Dave had his second appointment for the steroid injection in his right hand. Last time he'd passed out and had to spend 3 hours in A&E.

Was working from home but didn't get much done and I started late as I couldn't face getting up, then couldn't really concentrate. Made myself a lunch using up a lot of old salads and mozzarella.

Gave up the ghost and finished early. Had a bath and roasted some potatoes for Dave's lunch tomorrow and got ready for the appointment. Packed a bag of snacks, a can of Sprite, water, and Match of the Day on the phone iplayer to try and keep him distracted.

Dave only just got back in time and we had to rush to get out to catch the bus as the roadworks everywhere are making everything slow. It was a terribly bumpy little bus, and the roadworks were particularly bad down Hoe Street and going up Lea Bridge Road.

We got off at the second bus stop but found we were in the wrong wing and had to walk all the way back to the main hospital - our fault for not checking.

Registered at reception then waited for a bit. The doctor eventually came and it turned out to be the same man as last time when Dave had passed out. So he refused to do the injection as it was so late in the day - he was basically shit scared of Dave fainting again. He promised to get the booking people to sort him out with another one in the daytime. But all rather disappointing after all that anxiety.

Got the bus back for pizza and Friends. Mum's finally moved into the new flat properly as her phone has been transferred.

30 April 2019
Walthamstow E17
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