Boats on the sea at Sidmouth by boxplayer

Boats on the sea at Sidmouth

Lovely evening for my first day in Sidmouth for folk week - shame it wasn't to last.

Up early as had lots to do. Said goodbye to Dave as I wouldn't be seeing him for a couple of days and after he'd left, put a bread on. Got on with packing but just couldn't decide what to take. The weather was looking rather bad, so was torn by which shoes to take. S came in and made me cut back a bit but it still ended up being a ridiculously heavy bag.

We had breakfast in the garden then S went off to the William Morris Gallery. I cooked up a chickpea casserole for Dave's dinners and lunches before Packing up the rest of my stuff and getting the tube to Waterloo.

Grabbed some snacks from M&S and got on the train for the 3 hours to Honiton. At the Honiton bus stop waiting for the Sidmouth bus, found a couple of chatty ladies - one who was a Sidmouth festival regular and the other a first timer. One had been born in Walthamstow and the other in Muswell Hill - they were now living in Norfolk and Tring respectively.

Got the bus to the Triangle and I walked round the corner to the Elizabeth Hotel right on the sea front. Had managed to bagsie a single room for a couple of nights as a last-minute thing only 3 weeks ago.

One of these posh old-school sea-front hotels - you got complimentary tea at 4 with a little scone, there was a nice terrace out front, and an umbrella in my room in case I needed to shelter from the elements.

Was quite a small single room overlooking Duke's - unfortunately a regular venue for noisy crowds and terrible cod-folk bands but I wasn't going to be in much, so no problem.

Wandered out to look at the seafront stalls and got a message from Heather to say she was in the Swan in a kind of French session. So joined her and R, and Alastair too for a few tunes mainly on whistle.

Went off to get fish and chips after that from the White Horse Cafe and eat them on the sea front. The waves were quite big with the tide in but was starting to go out. Sun was out and the red cliffs looked lovely against its setting glow. There were dinghies on the water and kayakers, as well as the odd swimmer and body boarder. The huge seagulls were hanging around but apparently if you stare directly at them they won't steal your food - so said a recent news article.

Was stuffed - fish and chips were nice but it had been hard to get the salt and vinegar over all the chips because the hot fish was in the way - so the last chips were a bit bland.

H and R went off to see Le Vent du Nord and I walked up to the Co-op to get snacks - babybels, chocolate and cherries. Popped my head into the Radway but it looked dull so I went back to the hotel to get something. As I left I realised I'd forgotten something else and went to go back in and found that the key card had stopped working. Irritatingly it did it once again later on that night. Think I was getting it too close to my work iphone which I kept forgetting was in the back pocket of my bag.

Went to the Royal York and Faulkner for a session with the Ship Band - some songs as well and varied tunes. Some I could play. Some clogging and stepping too. I had a half of Branco ale, was nothing special and a double Bailey's.

Popped my head in the window of the Bedford after, seemed to be kicking but no room so went back to my room where it was very noisy outside Duke's but their curfew meant it finished just after 11.

Sidmouth chip butty

7 August 2019
Sidmouth, Devon
I must try the staring at the seagulls trick.
August 19th, 2019  
Beautiful! Lovely capture!
August 25th, 2019  
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