Leake Street arches by boxplayer

Leake Street arches

Never knew this tunnel of street art strewn set of arches was here - just by Waterloo station. Much fun getting lost here as we tried to find Draughts, the board game cafe for our work outing.

Still damp from yesterday but decided to brave it and eat breakfast outside. A few meetings at work, a one-to-one with my staff member and a bit else to do so cancelled Pilates.

After work, we had a team outing to Draughts board game café, getting lost under the Leake Street arches. Here was lots of interesting graffiti and street art - as well as the cafe occupying one of the arches.

As we entered it felt very noisy and the table we were sat at felt too big to comfortably platy at. But was very good. The table even had a nook underneath so you coud hide your cards etc.

Started off with a margarita, followed by some rose wine, and a very yummy halloumi and sweet potato burger with chips. Started off with Cluedo much to my annoyance - have never played it and it seemed over-complicated. Apparently it's changed a lot - the clue cards you could pick up meant the game ended quite quickly as various characters, weapons etc were eliminated quickly.

Then more successfully we had a go at Hedbanz - a kind of version of that thing where you stick a post-it note on someone's head and they have to guess who they are. This one was very funny where you had to stick a card in the slot on the head band on your head and other members of the group had to act out the words or people or whatever.

Finished off with 2 rounds of Jenga.

Fly swatter and spaghetti https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-08-15

15 August 2019
Waterloo SE1
Very cool street art
August 29th, 2019  
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