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On my cycle perambulation today along the banks of the Lea. A beautiful warm day today.

Bit of a lie in after strange dreams involving old friends from our walking group, Bob, Diane and Barry. Dave went off for a jog and I disinfected mum's provisions and made a big pot of pumpkin, carrot, ginger and coconut soup - some of which I put in a Tupperware for my mum.

Once Dave was back and had got into the shower, I went off on a big cycle ride - picking up some bananas for mum from Tesco en route. Cycled onto the northern reservoir of the wetlands and circled round to my normal exit, passing a few socially distancing people. As I neared the exit, I spotted people following path north, so decided to follow it for a while to see where it went.

It basically went north towards the North Circular beside the old River Lea on the left and housing estates on the right. All quite leafy and spring-like with birds tweeting and quite a few people strolling along. Only decided to turn back when I came across some over-excited, possibly traveller, children, who wanted to play chicken with me, daring me to get out of the way as they hurtled towards me on their BMX bikes. I didn't flinch. But thought it best to head back home.

Was only when cycling back that I realised I'd left the soup on. Tried phoning Dave but he didn't answer. So soup was half-boiled away by the time I got in - added more water - should be OK.

Had a halloumi brunch outside then drove to mum's to give her her provisions and some of the soup. Very hot by now with people sitting outside in the communal areas. Government threatening to ban all outdoor exercise if people don't stop sitting around and sunbathing - though I'm not sure how much that matters if they're apart from each other.

Back home, we sat outside reading with a naughty tequila sunrise and some fruit salad. We're trying to up our intake - not eating enough fruit at all since not physically going in to work.

Whilst out, the Brazilians across the way had a big party: lots of great Latin music played quite loudly - not sure all the neighbours appreciated it but we like it. A lovely garden afternoon reading Mountains of the Mind and Nan Shepherd's Living Mountain - foxy watching me from the bottom of the garden, the honey bees coming in to drink and then making a beeline back home to the gardens across the way. And such a blue blue sky.

Not too many barbecue smells today surprisingly. Richard opposite has given us their old barbecue as they've got a new one. Hoping to make use of it soon.

Eventually went inside to finish off my photo uploading backlog. Soup for supper and the Queen's extraordinary speech. And then the last Back to the Future film.

Rather unnervingly Boris was taken into hospital.

Physical distancing outside Waitrose

5 April 2020
Walthamstow E17
I thought you were going to say you were trying to increase your uptake of tequila
April 9th, 2020  
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