Airport prosecco by boxplayer

Airport prosecco

A glass to calm my nerves at Helsinki airport.

Felt quite reluctant to drag myself out of bed this morning - sad to be going home, not looking forward to packing, and getting myself neurotically anxious about the flight - especially as there were horrid rainstorms predicted for southern England.

But eventually got going on the packing - quite a challenge as our bags had been quite full on the way out and we now had quite a few extra bits and pieces including some heavy books to fit in. All did manage to squeeze in, though having weighed the bags using S's handy suitcase weigher, a couple of our bags were very close to the limit.

Once packed, we did a bit of tidying in the flat, sweeping the floor, clearing out random things from the fridge, putting away dishes, then headed down the road to the Hakaniemi market. Here to buy some traditional salted salmon to take home. I bought a nice piece then we walked back up the hill to the bear park. I sat outside the kiosk there and had a tea and last pulla (cinnamon bun) and Dave popped across the road to the library bar for some stout.

Then we returned to the flat and picked up our luggage. Left the flat about 1.30, walked to the tram stop where we just missed a tram, but another one came along soon thank goodness. We took this just a stop or two down the road, having bought our through-tickets to the airport from the driver, and got off to wait for the airport bus. This arrived fairly full and we just managed to squeeze on but Dave had to perch next to the driver and we had to put our bags in the aisle. And then amazingly, the bus still managed to squeeze quite a few more people on as we travelled on. It was totally rammed eventually.

At the airport, it was quite busy, but we managed to negotiate the electronic check-in machines and the self-service bag drop, then went through security. We looked around the shops a bit, bought some chocolates for work, then had a bag of crisps and a glass of Prosecco in a cafe, the latter to try and calm my nerves somewhat. Unfortunately we ended up arguing over nothing, which kind of negated the effects of the drink.

Once on the plane, it was all quite smooth-going thank goodness until we neared the UK when of course the weather did indeed get quite horrid and we had a bit of turbulence - which of course made me very anxious. But before we knew it, we'd landed. I had been desperate to go to the loo while we'd been strapped into our seatbelts (for longer than normal because of the turbulence) so I had to rush off the plane and make a bolt for the arrivals hall.

It didn't take long for our bags to appear - thank goodness as there seemed to be some sort of cock-up going on with the baggage in that it came out of one carousel, then changed to another, then another.

We had a bit of discussion about the best way to get home - I was bent on avoiding the Victoria line not wanting to be dumped at Seven Sisters with our heavy bags. But we struggled to find the Heathrow Connect train until having walked all the way to the tube station and asked someone there, we found out it was the same platform as the Heathrow Express - they were just crap at signposting it.

So we waited 20 mins for the Connect train, then changed at Ealing Broadway for the Central line to Liverpool Street. Arrived there just in time to miss the Walthamstow train, so hopped on one to Tottenham Hale. Changed there for the replacement bus service and finally arrived home at 9-ish after nearly 8 hours travelling.

We ate some of the salted salmon as a late supper with rye bread and updated M on our lovely holiday.

Tea and last pulla
Finnish lakes

24 August 2015
Helsinki, Finland
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