It's a Lego fest by brennieb

It's a Lego fest

Have Huey and Martha a few days ..can't beat the good ol' Lego.can only get it out though when no babies are here.Huey has made all afternoon
Great ....and very instructive too. Keeps them busy for hours.
February 24th, 2022  
@boatman137 nowadays it's all these kits to make.and very fabulous things,all this is loose and mixed, better for making and creating own inventions too
February 24th, 2022  
A great assortment of Lego.. I am sure it kept them busy . Hope Huey didn't help himself to the bottle !! Ha ha !!
February 24th, 2022  
@beryl ha ha , it's usually his uncle Matthew who does that ..comes up the field, as he lives behind us now.. just having a beer mum...but better keep his hands off my wine.ha ha
February 24th, 2022  
Had to laugh at @beryl point……I can just imagine Huey knocking it back while building a Lego house!
February 25th, 2022  
I love Lego......except when I step on a bit with my bare feet!!
March 29th, 2022  
Hey Brennie, just sending a smile and my love your way. Hope you are doing okay 😘❤️
June 13th, 2022  
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