Alhambra by brigette


Not sure if this is negative space or not
But when you’re running to catch up like I am … I care not! Work is rather stressful atm. So my energy levels are pretty much on empty which is challenging when our clients require them to be anything but that!!
Fabulous shot - can't wait to get there myself this year.
And I know exactly what you mean in terms of energy levels - however I find that sometimes getting absorbed into something that is pleasant allows the stress to fall away somewhat. I hope this does that for you.
February 24th, 2024  
@christinav thanks Christina
I so hope and am sure you’ll have a brilliant time in Spain. FYI I went to two flamenco shows one in granada the other Sevilla- the Granada show was by locals in this tiny low ceiling bar/theatre and was soooo brilliant and cheap
The other was much more slick tableau style, professional with beautiful costumes but for me lacked any soul 🤷🏻‍♀️ and cost more…
February 24th, 2024  
I would say this is absolutely negative space, and it works really well in black and white.
February 24th, 2024  
A fabulous capture and scene, great use of negative space too.
February 24th, 2024  
It's lovely and I would say there's plenty negative space there.
February 24th, 2024  
Nice composition.
February 24th, 2024  
Definitely works
March 2nd, 2024  
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