Apr 27: Story by bulldog

Apr 27: Story

I can't believe the last time I used these Story Cubes was over a year ago...

Oh well here goes....

It was late at night (1) and I was wondering (2) if I had time (3) to call (4) the Theatre (5) and book tickets (6) before flying (7) over there to watch a play where they spend most of the time searching (8) for tracks (9) to discover who did it.
Please feel free tell me your version of the story... The cubes are:
(1) Night / Moon
(2) Question Mark
(3) Clock
(4) Mobile Phone
(5) Theatre Masks
(6) Tick / Credit Card
(7) Aeroplane
(8) Magnifying Glass
(9) Footprint
April 27th, 2015  
On a dark night there was a bright moon. Everyone had the same question - What time it is? Unfortunately nobody had a clock. Someone decided to check out his mobile phone. It turned out they were almost late so the main thing now was to get rid of the theatre masks, take the only valid credit card & catch that plane because soon someone would be checking out their footprints through a magnifying glass..... ;) this is fun
April 27th, 2015  
Nice one...
April 27th, 2015  
It was a beautiful evening. The moon shone brightly through the window as the clock struck midnight. As I snuggled with the pups on the couch, we were startled by a crackling, popping sound. I questioned whether someone was at the front door or if it was the crackling of wood in the fireplace. As the noise continued, the dogs ears perked up and they began to bark. I peaked out the window and saw two young boys with theatre masks trying to unlock the front door with a credit card. I grabbed my mobile phone and dialed 911. Within the minutes the police pulled up with lights and sirens blaring. As the boys tried to escape, one tripped over my son's toy airplane, while the other got away. With a magnifying glass in hand, the officers followed the footprints in the mud to apprehend the other culprit!
April 28th, 2015  
the moon was out and I was running last to catch the plane so I phone a friend
April 28th, 2015  
Story cubes look like fun. I will check to see if we can get them online. I am sure my grandkids would love these.
April 28th, 2015  
@3rdxoff oooh this one is thrilling :)
April 28th, 2015  
April 28th, 2015  
@bulldog were did you get them
April 29th, 2015  
It was a little while ago, but I got them off the internet. https://www.storycubes.com/
April 29th, 2015  
I've always wanted a set... Once I got one - I thought - but discovered it was poker dies instead... ;-p
May 20th, 2015  
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