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My name is Carey. I live in CO with my family. I have been a photographer for a number of years now, but am finally committing to a 365 project alongside two of my kids. They are both doing it as part of their homeschooling, ages 7 and 15. If you are so inclined, please follow them at @willamartin and @masonmartin.

For me, I am normally very picky and meticulous with my shooting and editing so one of my goals is to shoot and edit quickly, not fussing over things for more than 5 minutes tops. I'm learning to be ok with ok. I'm having fun doing this with my kids and teaching them how to shoot and edit more each day.

Finally, I write a blog about my journey through 12 bananas hip and pelvis surgeries. I also have a lot of my photography sprinkled throughout. https://careymartin.com/ Have a read if you are interested!