Found Objects by cheriseinsocal

Found Objects

Today while hiking in the North Etiwanda Preserve I stopped at an area that has one of the best views of the sunset, as well as of the valley below. While waiting for the sun to set, I decided to make a piece sign out of rocks. While rock hunting, I began to notice rusty nails - TONS of them strewn about - all being different styles and sizes. I began to pick up nails, hoping NOT to need a Tetnus shot after this, and also picked up a good hundred or so empty shot gun shells which I made into a note about peace as well. Since I can only post one, I chose these Found Objects to be my subject of the day. It's rather difficult to chose just one photo some days, especially when you have a wide range of pix to choose from. Today was one of those days and while this photo may not be of the gorgeous nature around, it does tell a bit of a story. Speaking of stories, I ran into a couple of guys hiking that I had met before, Josh and Mike, and they told me that in the 1940's there used to be a fire look out tower on this spot, so we were guessing that these really old, rusty nails probably came from that structure. Interesting history lesson.

I think I'll go wash my hands now.
Ya nailed it.
February 24th, 2010  
sometimes opportunity is more unique than the original purpose
February 25th, 2010  
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