Léa the photographer.  by cocobella

Léa the photographer.

We have offered a second hand old camera (Minolta) to Léa, it was time , her birthday was last March.
She was very excited to learn how to put the batteries and the film, then to listen to the strange noises her camera did.
Then we’ve been in town to find nice spots to take some pics.
Léa asked me some advices, I told her that she should focus on two essential points
-1 the light, and all the different effects you can obtain just playing with the light
-2 the framing, that is on my opinion the way you can give an interpretation to what you’re shooting ...
For the settings, I just tried to explain to her what ISO, Speed, aperture... were... but ... I’m not a good teacher and ended saying practising is the best way to improve !
So we’ve been in town, I showed her an interesting point of view from the courtyard of the city hall, she admitted she hadn’t be curious enough until now to see more that the facade of that building.
So she took 2 shots of that building then 1 of the Rhine river , then we had a drink and came back home, now she is going to have to be patient to see the results...
How cool , a mum for a tutor too , I look forward to the results of Lea's film photography :)
September 18th, 2020  
This place is so evocative.
September 19th, 2020  
That's too cute! =)
September 19th, 2020  
That awesome, Good luck Lea with your photography "career"
September 19th, 2020  
lovely girl and shot ... enjoyed reading your narrative
September 19th, 2020  
Lovely set of photos. It's a beautiful building and Lea looks like she's having fun.
September 19th, 2020  
what fun
September 19th, 2020  
Lovely shot !
September 19th, 2020  
I am surprised that you can get film rolls. Hope Lea continues to enjoy photography.
September 19th, 2020  
Love it!
September 19th, 2020  
Her world view will change now. Everything looks different once one picks up a camera.
September 19th, 2020  
Lovely shot. Beautiful rathaus.
September 19th, 2020  
Perfect Image... What a beautiful spot...way to go Mom FAV!
September 20th, 2020  
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