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EDIT: 2014, well I'm still here and reading my profile info below made me think I should maybe update... heck the seven year old is now a ten year old and the kitten is going to be four years old this year the same age as my baby boy!

I am now on my third year of 365 and still enjoying it. The family have not moved out and left me because of this either so that's a good thing. I am now embarking on the journey of starting my own photography business and have loved working with the clients I have had. Also I've been lucky enough to now have had a few photos published in magazines and won a few competitions etc. So all in all everything is going well. So lets see if I can complete a third year and with that keep up to date with uploading it here unlike my second year. lol


I'm a wife, a mother, a friend and I love photography. I mostly love capturing my handsome and gorgeous boys and their lives and looking for the beauty in everything. We live in Essex, England with our crazy Dash dog and our kitten Rorschach (better known as Rory) who thinks he is more dog than cat. My love in photography was ignited more after having my first son (seems a common theme for us parents) and over those years I've embraced it more and more. I have tried before to do a 365 Project but the best I did was something like 63 days so here's hoping I can manage more, although I think my eldest son (a seven year old with a teenagers attitude!) is going to move out if I insist on taking any more photos of him... luckily the youngest is too young to talk back what with only being nearly ten months old.

So that's a little about me. Here's to 365 photos!

Oh if you'd like to see other photos I've taken as part of this project but opted not to use feel free to visit my 365 Project on flickr: