Getting Started with Light Painting handout...

posted July 20th, 2016
Ben Willmore, who is really great with Photoshop, has posted this nicely-written 'how-to' on getting started with light painting. All that's needed is a camera that has manual focus and 30sec exposure, a flashlight, and a dark space. It's free (with link to a more detailed book for sale.) Click here to go to
posted July 20th, 2016
It's a cool idea for sure. Easy, even though I really don't even have that patience... :)
posted July 22nd, 2016
I've seen various videos on light painting, if you want to see one:
posted July 26th, 2016
Good tips. And also know that light painting can be shared and posted free on photo hosting sites. And you will see lots of majestic night photos there.
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