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October 6th, 2023
I came across this article about a Coffee Shop in Montreal and found it very interesting. Embedded in the article are a few good tips, I especially like "My goal is to always work with a calmness and a projection of the idea that I'm supposed to be here. Supposed to be taking photographs. That this is a normal thing. It generally works unless you just stomp right up to a person and push your camera in their face. Then all bets are off and you are on your own. Don't make a lot of visual "noise" and you'll do fine." How true that is.

Being a Coffee Shop addict I would love to visit this place but that is very unlikely as I don't get the chance to travel much, my holidays are all taken in the UK. If there is anyone living in Montreal I would love to see more photos of this place.
October 6th, 2023
Such a gorgeous looking coffee shop
October 6th, 2023
That's a beautiful building!!! Thank you for sharing
October 7th, 2023
Montreal has a plethora of fabulous buildings, both new and old. I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance. You can see some of the most well-known ones here
Thank you for sharing the article. It was interesting.
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