Tuhoe by dkbarnett


This is Tuhoe 'Bruno' Isaac, an ex Mongrel Mob leader. He was at the lakeside market in Queenstown on Good Friday promoting his book 'True Red'. When I asked him if I could take a photo, he said only if I bought his book. I declined, but then changed my mind, went back bought his book and took some photos.
Worth the cost of the book. You have a wonderful portrait here!
April 15th, 2017  
Very strong portrait. Definitely worth buying the book.
April 15th, 2017  
What's his book called? Looks a real character.
April 15th, 2017  
Wonderful capture Fav
April 16th, 2017  
Great portrait.
April 16th, 2017  
Powerful portrait. I can imagine your new book will be a very intetesting read
April 16th, 2017  
Excellent portrait.
April 16th, 2017  
Good for you. I would have bought a book in exchange for a photo like that. Fav!
April 16th, 2017  
Really striking portrait - you're way braver than I am!
April 16th, 2017  
I saw on a site that the book was $60! Surely you didn't pay that! Tough guy. Tough photo!
April 17th, 2017  
Certainly a tough guy
April 17th, 2017  
Wow, fantastic portrait :)
April 17th, 2017  
Full of character though!!
April 18th, 2017  
oh, you made a good decision! Great shot.
April 18th, 2017  
Cracking portrait
April 18th, 2017  
@taffy @claudiet Thanks I agree. I got some nice black and whites too although his moko show up quite as much in those.
@islambad The book is called 'True Red'
@777margo @merrelyn Thank you very much
@deborah63 Yes I have just finished reading the book, and it was very interesting - he has done a lot of things.
@eudora @moonmtn Thanks so much.
@fbailey I don't think I was brave, but I really did want the photo!! Normally I just try to sneak one when they aren't looking!!
@maggiemae I think he was asking $45 - I asked my husband later, but he said he gave him $50. I have read the book now too and enjoyed it so that was a bonus. He was one of the leaders of the Mongrel Mob and lead a pretty depraved lifestyle when he was younger!
@dawnee A very tough guy - I have more appreciation of that now I have read the book.
@m2016 Thankyou Mel
@ltodd Certainly lots of character there - and not just from the moko!
@mjalkotzy Thanks - I think it was a good decision too.
@paul10 Thank you Paul :-)
April 25th, 2017  
You made the right decision.
May 1st, 2017  
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