Cliff at Pendine Sands by dulciknit

Cliff at Pendine Sands

I tried my hand at a panorama stitch - almost certainly overdid the number of exposures (10) but better too many than not enough. :-)
Lester may be just about visible, for a sense of scale.
Pendine Sands has an interesting history connected with the world of motor sport:
Those strong vertical rocks look like animal feet , elephant's maybe , good for Lester to be in there for scale , I don't do stitching , I don't have much patience when it comes to post processing !
November 30th, 2022  
Awesome shot - can't imagine being able to stitch 10 shots - most I've tried has been 5 and that was no where as good as yours. Glad you had Lester there to show us just how immense those rocks are - love their bases.
December 1st, 2022  
@phil_howcroft @milaniet Thank you. The stitching part was just a question of loading the files into the right bit of Photoshop; PS did all the hard work. I had to clean up the top and bottom edges - that took a bit of filling in and some cropping - and then just did my usual processing. The recommended 'overlap' when taking the shots for getting clean joins is about 40%; I'm sure I must have made the overlaps at least 50% if not more, plus I'd only got a 100mm prime lens with me that day for some reason, hence the 10 shots (done in portrait orientation to capture as much of the the height of the cliff as I could, btw).
December 1st, 2022  
I turned out really well. Well done.
December 1st, 2022  
Great light and textures.
December 2nd, 2022  
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