There used to be trees here ... by edpartridge

There used to be trees here ...

Haven't walked down this path for a long time, so was somewhat surprised to see the 30 - 40 feet high trees had been chopped down. (See for what was there).

Youngest made good use of the tall branches that had been cut down, and spent the rest of the dog walk pretending to be Yoda from Star Wars. As she told me whilst swing a green stick above her head and nearly decapitating the dog on the down swing "It is my destiny .... What's destiny Dad?"

Oh, and happy birthday Judy!
hang on... why did they cut those trees down? that's well bad.. they look great in the other pic :(
April 20th, 2010  
Goodness - that's quite a clearing. To widen parking....buildings.... we'll follow with interest.
April 20th, 2010  
WOW what a difference - any reason why? and thank you for my birthday wishes
April 20th, 2010  
love this reminds me of an old advert.. cant rememer what though..maybe bisto or something!! =D
sad about the trees,
April 20th, 2010  
Damn those tress polluting our air with all that oxygen!!!
April 20th, 2010  
Too many places now where we stand and say 'there used to be trees here.........' :-(
April 21st, 2010  
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