Only The Queen (Gawd bless 'er) has a bigger one ... by edpartridge

Only The Queen (Gawd bless 'er) has a bigger one ...

The chandelier in the entrance hall of my office building. I've seen it cleaned and didn't at all think of this ...:

(And if the link is blocked in your country - search "Chandelier Only Fools and Horses" on YouTube)
WOW!!!! That's amazinly sparkly!
November 2nd, 2010  
Before I looked at the link I had a little bet with myself........LOL I was right! Magic! Love all the sparkles here. Hope you're feeling much better.
November 2nd, 2010  
@Cherrill - What did you win?! And today was a "stay at the office and take a photo as I'm too tired to go out" shot! Normal service will resume ... soon ...
November 2nd, 2010  
Win?? Another look at your photo of course! :-)
November 2nd, 2010  
that was the first thin g i thought of as soon as i read about your photo lol Love that clip such a classic.And that looks a huge chandelier
November 2nd, 2010  
Yea, I guessed it was that clip before even opening the full picture to see your description.

Also another classic -
November 2nd, 2010  
MissBLP'sgrandpaJohn came rushing upstairs to see what I was laughing so loudly at... I love that clip - and I loved your chandelier.
November 2nd, 2010  
fab! The vid was too - very funny.
November 7th, 2010  
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