A lesson learnt ... by edpartridge

A lesson learnt ...

A few months back, barefooted 7 year old MissBLP stepped on a piece of upturned Lego. Now ... If it were you or I then we'd shout out something along the lines of "Oh for the love of ..." followed by several words our mother's wouldn't want us to say and don't believe we know ...

Not MissBLP. She stood on the Lego and exclaimed "Oh that is just ...." and then stopped as she tried to think of a word (And not knowing the words our mother's wouldn't want us to say and don't believe we know) to properly describe the pain she was feeling ... "HORRIBLE!" was the word of choice. And I guess it was.
LOL . . . I actually considerd Legos for a texture shot last night, but ended up with the "wild thing" instead. Just as well, my Legos would not have been as good as yours (sigh) and I just would have ended up frustrated!
November 24th, 2010  
love it .... good imagination as well for a photo
November 24th, 2010  
I know exactly what you would have said.. it would have been.."Nasty" which just goes to show how blind a mothers love can be...
November 24th, 2010  
Oh how lovely and sweet
November 24th, 2010  
Because I work with kids I had to change my 'for the love of" now I say " for the love of pizza"" gets the message across without getting me fired... and your Lego pic is great
November 24th, 2010  
Lego FTW
November 25th, 2010  
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