The sunny centre by eleanor

The sunny centre

Nice Frangipali! :)
April 1st, 2010  
Hi Eleanor & welcome to 365! You've got a nice photo of one of my favorite flowers! Conjures an image of a lei-full, and all their wonderful fragrance!
April 1st, 2010  
I know this flower as plumeria - what do they call it in South Africa? Look forward to seeing shots around Cape Town!
April 2nd, 2010  
We call it a Frangipani. I see on that wikipaedia that that's the common name for Plumeria.
April 2nd, 2010  
plumeria, fragipani, dead mans fingers... my favorite flowers, did a whole set on them for a photography project in the company gardens. they are GORGEOUS
May 2nd, 2010  
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