The Dance by eleanor

The Dance

Carved by Thomas Isaac, this limestone statue is for sale at $2400. I have a special love for this artwork which I found at the entrance to Kirstenbosch Gardens. The proportions of the figures are so similar to those of my family!

(The praying mantis is not included in the purchase price.)
Hahaha, cute comment about the praying mantis!! Great shot of the statue:)
May 20th, 2010  
This is a beautiful piece of work. Very emotive. Captures it well.
May 20th, 2010  
awwww, how very very cute! love love this!
May 20th, 2010  
I *love love love* this statue! What a lucky person it is who can take that one home! I'm fascinated that you just mention the praying mantis in passing...are they common there? (I remember them from my childhood when we lived in Hawaii...I've always thought they were such "intelligent looking" insects!)

Thanks for the tip about the pizza...I'm quite sure Ken could do it capably. While he hasn't tried that, he's cooked lovely standing rib roasts and even Thanksgiving turkeys beautifully...nothing ever burns. I didn't use the term "Grill Master" lightly! If we ever try pizza, you'll be the first to know!
May 21st, 2010  
May 22nd, 2010  
no better place than the gardens xxx
May 22nd, 2010  
Lovely. It reminds me of a wonderful statue I saw in the town of leon in Spain.
May 27th, 2010  
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