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Well four years on and it seems that carrying a camera has become a way of life! Done three years of 365, one year of one-a-week, now it's 'as-and-when' as I just can't quite wean myself off completely! Not a bad addiction though :) x

Original Introduction: I'm a busy Mum to 2 super teenagers living in a pretty village in Bedfordshire, England. I often look up and catch a glimpse of a wonderful world and feel the need to capture it forever. At rare times I actually find my camera in time! No skill or specialist equipment but I am delighted to share these with you just as I love looking at wonderful shots from your corner of this amazing planet.

# Please don't trouble to thank me for my comments - the pleasure is all mine; and forgive me returning the compliment rather than thanking you for yours. :)

I was chuffed and honoured to be interviewed for the 365 Project at the end of my first year....