this is not captain jack sparrow by fiveplustwo

this is not captain jack sparrow

but bring me his head
and you shall be
duly rewarded.

Yikes, now that is scary with all those eyes!!
January 31st, 2019  
like something from an old Japanese movie :)
January 31st, 2019  
Yikes! Marvelous for the challenge, though.
January 31st, 2019  
January 31st, 2019  
i'm amazed what you come up with at the last minute too! Nice work with the face paint and the added white dots.
January 31st, 2019  
wowzers! very dramatic!
February 1st, 2019  
Awesome last minute tribal selfie, Vikki.
February 1st, 2019  
I see, see, see
February 1st, 2019  
Woha! Why limiting to the third eye... @summerfield
February 3rd, 2019  
@domenicododaro - my face isn't that large, that's why. :-D
February 4th, 2019  
@summerfield so belatedly, an absolute fav - how clever and beautifully done!!! Creeptastic, I adore it!!!
February 10th, 2019  
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