Try a little thunderness... by fiveplustwo

Try a little thunderness...

Zeus, Jupiter, Dyaus Pitar, Raijin, Take-Mikazuchi, Thor, Xolotl, Ukko, Hadad, Ba'l... never mind what you call me, you better not get on my nerves.

theme: epic

Better than the original by Otis Redding, I think this version gives the idea...
March 11th, 2019  
Wow with a fearful shiver
March 11th, 2019  
Love it! Great to be a God!
March 11th, 2019  
indeed epic!!
March 12th, 2019  
Love this Fav!!!!
March 12th, 2019  
Epic and Olympian!! Very well done. :)
March 12th, 2019  
March 12th, 2019  
OK. Fav.
March 13th, 2019  
Haha! fav.
March 14th, 2019  
but if you're not careful, that stray lightning is going to wreak havoc on your whatchamacallit! :-D and yes, only I would have noticed that!
March 14th, 2019  
@summerfield oh, my! Hahaha! I wouldn’t have noticed it, for sure...
@domenicododaro fantastic shot and edit, I love this!!!
March 15th, 2019  
@kali66 lol
@ethelperry thank you!
@mikegifford it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it! 😉
@adi314 thanks a lot!
@moviegal1 thank you very much!
@rosiekerr thank you so much!
@seattlite thanks a lot!
@wendyfrost thank you indeed!
@gardenfolk thanks a lot!
@summerfield ahhhh, now I understand why that stinging... 😜
@kerosene thank you so much!
March 17th, 2019  
@summerfield @domenicododaro @kerosene nah it is emanating from his belly button :P
March 18th, 2019  
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