A Conspicuous Flaw by fiveplustwo

A Conspicuous Flaw

You might recall my hands have hands
A tip for you: avoid wastelands

Hard as I try, they’re known world-wide
Because they’re very hard to hide

Theme: flaws.
Well, you could typewrite 5 times faster... lol @kerosene
April 15th, 2019  
aces on the concept, @kerosene

i had a classmate in grade school who had an extra thumb and he was nicknamed 11. proved handy though in arithmetic exams especially when we found out he also had an extra toe but by the time we found out about it in high school, he was already taking up judo and karate and nobody dared tease him. i called him heller skelter and he never knew why but when asked, i told him because he made life hell for anyone who teased or bullied him. i'm sure in later years he would've known why i called him that, had he been inclined to read good novels.
April 15th, 2019  
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