Witchcraft and Sorcery by fiveplustwo

Witchcraft and Sorcery

Many years ago when Kitty and I used to own a Pagan/Gothic/Occult/Witchcraft emporium and alternative clothing shop. Customers used to ask "Are you real witches?" We always used to reply "No, the real witches are at lunch, we are just their stunt doubles"

Or there was the rather obnoxious chap who said to Kitty "If you're a real witch, go on then turn me into toad" Kitty replied "I would love to turn you into a toad...... but it seems that someone has already beaten me to it."

Although my finest moment was when a chap was admiring the selection of Greenman plaques we had on the wall opposite the till. He turned and struck up a conversation with Kitty about Greenmen and their origins. and then turned back to the wall to choose the one he wanted. at that moment, Kitty stood up and went out the back to the toilet......... and the shop cat (a black cat or course) Jumped up and sat on her chair. The chap turned round again and looked a bit shocked. He said "Oh..... what happened to the lady who was sitting there?"

I'm afraid I couldn't help myself, I said "Lady? What Lady?...... It's just me and the cat in the shop today." The poor chap looked physically shaken. bought his green man plaque and left quite quickly. :)

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Oh my............just lovin' this.......and the narrative.....fab memories :)
October 26th, 2023  
this photo would make a good tarot card!
October 26th, 2023  
🤣 I love your story. Gave me a good laugh. Great picture! Very "Witchy." What a gorgeous chalice!
October 26th, 2023  
Fabulous, you've set the bar high, love that kitty had that quick retort!!
October 26th, 2023  
@SwillinBillyFlynn @CuteKitty
For some reason, I did not expect anything less from you! Gorgeous shot!
And fabulous read!!!!
October 27th, 2023  
October 28th, 2023  
funny stories, you guys. aces!
October 28th, 2023  
Great scene!
October 29th, 2023  
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