Where Your Heart Is

If you want to know
where your heart is
look where your
mind goes
when it wanders.
...Author Unknown

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

And an extra special Valentines milestone happy birthday to Katy @grammyn . Please send her your well wishes!

These are a FEW of my favorite things...

The large photo is Katniss.
Sometimes the markings/fur on her sides turn into a heart shape...better than the bullseye it is most of the time...no target practice allowed!

From the bottom left and around:

A collage of hearts billboard in my friend's craft room
A heart shaped seashell box...I love the beach and seashells
A collar of hearts on my sweet Sophie Belle
One of our glass heart ornaments
A 'sweet latte' coffee with foam heart topping
My sterling vintage heart charm bracelet
Two special heart shaped paperweights from a trip to Canada

These are a few of my favorite sung by Julie Andrews
Wonderful collections, love the seashells- Happy Valentines to youmydear💕
posted February 14th, 2018  
A great collection for this day of hearts. They are all so good - even the catheart! She must be a real 'sweetheart'!
posted February 14th, 2018  
Beautiful collage! Love how you described each photo! Happy Valentine's Day! :-)
posted February 14th, 2018  
Love the cat heart. It's so cool that she has that in her fur. You know I love those hearts too. 😊
posted February 14th, 2018  
Lovely collage of hearts
posted February 14th, 2018  
Such a beautiful collage!
posted February 14th, 2018  
wonderful collage - I love the fur one most and all the others tie for second! Your quote is perfection. Happy Valentine's day to you!
posted February 14th, 2018  
Beautiful collage for Valentines day
posted February 15th, 2018  
Great collage of special hearts.
posted February 15th, 2018  
Aww! Such sweet special Valentines. Especially the heart on the fur of katniss.
posted February 15th, 2018  
Lovely collage
posted February 15th, 2018  
This is a beautiful collage of such wonderful subjects -- I especially like the seashell box! Happy Valentine's Day!
posted February 15th, 2018  
A stunning collage!
posted February 15th, 2018  
A beautiful and creative collage.
posted February 15th, 2018  
Fabulous collage, what a great series of shots.
posted February 15th, 2018  
This is a wonderful collage! I like the colorful hearts at the top left and right! Happy Valentine’s Day to Sophie and Katniss and to you!
posted February 15th, 2018  
Definitely a heartfelt collage! Lovely collection.
posted February 18th, 2018  
What a fabulous Valentine collage!!! I'm quite sure I could come up with some items, but if I went looking for them, I'd unearth so many other things that would distract me, it's best not to start!!!
posted February 19th, 2018  
@Weezilou LOL! That is exactly what happened to me, Louise! It took me forever to put this collage (hours & hours) until I couldn't fuss with it any longer. I am so glad you liked it. :)
posted February 19th, 2018  
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