Here I Am by gardenfolk

Here I Am

Here I am.
Now what are your
other two wishes?
...Sherrilyn Kenyon

2. World Peace 3. Friendly Aliens

Since Sophie has turned 16, she is still doing pretty good. She is moving well, eating well, sleeping well and being just as cute as ever. I am grateful for every extra day.

I do what I can for my animals. Sophie Belle gets a special boxed fresh food diet (renal support/low protein), supplements for her joints (organic mushrooms), probiotics for good gut health, plaque off for her teeth, Senilife and cognition bites for her brain and calming bite (for travel and sundowners), etc. Plus fresh cooked vegetables ( broccoli, green beans, carrots or asparagus) and fresh fruit ( watermelon, pears, apple or strawberries). I am helping her to stay here as long as she is healthy/comfortable.

She eats better and takes more supplements than we do!!!

Gorgeous little Sophie! ❤️
August 23rd, 2023  
She looks pretty good for 16
August 23rd, 2023  
@onewing @pamknowler Thank you Pam & Babs. I keep her going so she will keep me going! I added a paragraph above too.
August 23rd, 2023  
Such an adorable bundle! You're doing a great job to support her, Cathee! Fav
August 23rd, 2023  
Gorgeous thing!
August 23rd, 2023  
A cute capture of Sophie - Belle she is doing so well for her age.
August 24th, 2023  
Lovely scene and title.
August 24th, 2023  
She is a wee darling and clearly loved
August 24th, 2023  
@4rky She is a little darling. Unfortunately my son's dog, Nova, age 2, would love to play with Sophie, age 16, but at 95 pounds vs. 5 pounds, it is a definite no go.
August 25th, 2023  
@365projectorgheatherb @casablanca @wendyfrost @haskar

I think physically and mentally she has improved in the last 6 months with all the extra attention and supplements. Someone is with her all the time as she gets stressed/confused when left alone.
August 25th, 2023  
September 9th, 2023  
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