and now for something completely different  by graemestevens

and now for something completely different

A good shot, And curious about what the person is doing.
February 12th, 2020  
Here's a 'FAV' for something different. :D
February 12th, 2020  
Looks a bit chilly to go for a paddle but the distaff side are made of stern stuff.
February 12th, 2020  
great light and composition. Completely different but wonderful. fav
February 12th, 2020  
Beautiful. Something different is sometimes nice. :)
February 12th, 2020  
not bad if you have to stray...
February 12th, 2020  
There is life outside of carpet-replacement?
February 12th, 2020  
Very calm, v subtle colours
February 12th, 2020  
February 12th, 2020  
Great lighting.......second thought......good God ...colour
February 12th, 2020  
Fabulous light!
February 12th, 2020  
Thought provoking...
February 13th, 2020  
@redy4et That's one way of putting it...
@kjarn I'll pass that on to Mother Nature ;)
@jacqbb I know, I know...
@koalagardens Audible gasp ;)
@fbailey Thanks very much :)
@byrdlip That's done, I'm off to assault people when they least expect it...
@jackies365 It'll do ;)
@kuva Sometimes...but I yearn for fire...
@caterina Thank you very much :)
@vignouse It's bleedin' cold guv'nor, mind yer comestibles ;)
@novab Thank you kindly :)
@gamelee The person is a 20 year old Stevens of the "daughter" variety...we'll never know what she's doing ;)
February 13th, 2020  
February 13th, 2020  
@graemestevens Thus the saying: Look out - behind you.
February 13th, 2020  
Did you drink it all.
February 14th, 2020  
@jgpittenger Usually :)
@spanner Thank you kindly :)
February 16th, 2020  
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