Distraction by grammyn


Dirty window photography makes for less than clear images and ... Add to that, no tripod and squatting (in my old age) to catch the shot under the Camelia branches and you get this picture of a naughty squirrel in the nectarine tree trying to figure out how to reach the bird seed in the feeder.
It's a good picture even with all the difficulties capturing it.

How are you doing with school and the coronavirus pandemic? Hope everrything is OK.
March 28th, 2020  
Such a fabulous moment you captured Katy, no need to clean the window :-)
March 28th, 2020  
That's a great photo! Your contortions to make the image paid off nicely! Fantastic composition! And as I have new snow on the ground, it's lovely to see flowers!
March 28th, 2020  
sometimes it's just not easy .... wonderful capture of your visiting squirrel
March 28th, 2020  
Naughty squirrels are making nests in my trees, and I 'm just hoping they don't make it to my attic this year. Such crazy pests! :c)
March 28th, 2020  
i can't believe i fav'd a photo with the squirrel as the subject! but the focus on the eye of your subject is very good and the overall composition is great. i don't see any dirt in the glass; usually the camera looks past it. aces!
March 28th, 2020  
That's a wonderful shot, Katy.
March 28th, 2020  
March 28th, 2020  

Katy did you Photoshop out the grubbiness?? Or, your grubbyb is my pristine?! Love this

@summerfield you hate grey squiggles!!!
March 28th, 2020  
Their antics can be quite amusing! If this is what a dirty window looks like in your house then I'd like to trade mine for yours. Good shot!

Has your schooling gone on-line? Will you still be able to finish when you had planned? I hope the shutdowns haven't affected your schooling too much.
March 28th, 2020  
Haha! I love that you've named a new type of photo for the times, 'dirty window photography!' I bet it's something we can all relate to.
March 28th, 2020  
love the blossoms he's hiding behind
March 29th, 2020  
Must be fun watching squirrels -we don't have any. No life in our garden except white butterflies at the moment!
March 29th, 2020  
He is so cute! Looks like he is up to mischief!
March 30th, 2020  
You can see he's developing a plan! Nicely captured!
April 1st, 2020  
I can just see the wheels turning in his head. Haha. Cute shot of this mischievous fella'!
April 1st, 2020  
If anyone can figure out how to get to the seed it’s a squirrel. Great shot of this little guy. And I don’t see the dirt on the glass —your windows must be a lot cleaner than mine.
April 1st, 2020  
Super capture!
April 1st, 2020  
i'm reading a book on the 1918 pandemic. in russell county, virginia, a local doctor, dr. beckner, asked one of the townsmen who wasn't sick, to go to the bootleggers and bring back some moonshine so he could treat the sick miners with it. the moonshine was mixed with honey or sugar, along with bundling up. i suddenly remembered your magic potion (although it didn't work on me). maybe your potion is the magic that would beat covid19.
April 3rd, 2020  
@eudora Thanks Diane. How nice of you to say!I am doing well and continuing with school for two more weeks and then DONE!
@ludwigsdiana LOL! I will get to it eventually. I appreciate it Diana.
@wyomingsis my contortions are nothing compared to your cartwheels. Glad to share spring with you this way
@lesip I don't go through near as much as you do though! thanks
@darylo fun to watch and photograph but not great as houseguests!
@summerfield 1.You must have been delusional for a moment to FAV it but thanks! There was so much dirt it made the photo blurry but not easy to see it on the glass.
2.I wish I had asked my grandmother more questions about that pandemic. She lived through it and i bet she could have told me some great stories. I remember her telling me how awful it was and how many people died. Now I get to experience it for myself. How interesting to hear about the "cure" I wish it were that simple! Wouldn't that be awesome?
@gijsje that is so nice of you to say bep. Thanks
@pdulis I am glad you like it Peter thank you
@30pics4jackiesdiamond LOL I did not! It is just a fine film of dirt over the whole pane! Thanks Jackie
@olivetreeann well it is nice to know so many of my friends sympathize with my windows. Thanks Ann My school was already on line so I was not affected and will finish on time but no graduation until August
@taffy I love that you think I have named a new kind of photography! Perhaps it will become a "thing"
@tunia thank you Tunia. It was really pretty when it was in bloom but they are all gone now and only the leaves are coming out
@maggiemae white butterflies would be pretty to see but the squirrels are probably more entertaining! I didn't realize there were none in NZ
@mzzhope always! thanks Hope. I know you use them as I do for entertainment
@linnypinny Thanks Lin for taking the time. Are you still working or sheltering in place?
@cjphoto Thanks Chris. He definitely forecasts his motives.
@mcsiegle You are so right they are clever. Thanks Mary for the support about the photo AND the window!
@kwind I am so glad you think so Kim thanks bunches
April 6th, 2020  
Aww, look at that face - fav
nicely framed with those flowers
April 18th, 2020  
@myhrhelper Thanks Kathy ! That is high praise coming from you.
April 18th, 2020  
Great capture
April 18th, 2020  
@bkbinthecity I appreciate you kindness! Thanks
April 19th, 2020  
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