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May 2022. My name is Madeline and I can't believe I am beginning year 7 of this 1-year project. Thanks to 365 for inspiring me to stay with photography, not sure I would have had it not been for knowing that these images have a bit of a life outside my harddrive. This is such a supportive and helpful community and I am very grateful. Photography has become so consistent in my life now. Amazing that this one-year project continues; all to get me out of the rut of shooting the same type of images. Well, that certainly has been accomplished. I learn so much from this site and the support of all of you who drop by and comment or those who post in the challenges and whereever. Hopefully, I'm a better photographer, but even if not, I'm a better observer of life.

And I have come to appreciate so many of you for your visions and I love having this wonderful gallery at my fingertips. Thank you.

I live in Salem, Oregon, USA but originally I'm a New York City girl...