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May 2019...Just started my 4th year here. Amazing this one-year project continues. And sometimes I think I was more experimental and riskier then than now and pushing myself daily. And other times I wonder if I've really grown in my photography. And yet other times I tell myself, yes I have grown and yet other times, what the heck, it is just so much fun and inspiring to be part of this encouraging and helpful and talented group. So if I get better, cool, if I don't, ahh, what the heck. I'm just really happy to be here when I sign-on. And I love seeing all the varied images as they come on my screen. So thank you all for your comments and your images.

My name is Madeline and I have been living since December 2017 in Salem, Oregon, a native New York City person who has moved around a lot. I liveid in Nicaragua for seven years and the name Granagringa is a combination of Granadina, a female person who lives in Granada and Gringa, the universal Latin American term for a North American. It's a pleasure to meet you all.