9,  smile by helenhall

9, smile

Today marked a move from isolation to social distancing for me - that little bit of extra freedom, despite the additional restrictions that our government imposed on us all last night.

By this stage, I really would rather just stay at home.

However, after 8 days at home, I needed to get out to a shop.

So, this was the day I ventured out into the world we now live in - does anyone else feel that nature is enjoying the break from mankind?

It was alarmingly unnerving to pass from the safety of our home to the world beyond. It really did feel as though the killer virus was waiting to leap on me from behind.

Having been out, the house now feels like a violated space.

Is it unreasonable to wash my credit card in soap and water after using it? To wipe down all the shopping with antibacterial wipes before putting it away?

I was thankful that I found food in the shop - and lots of cheery rainbows in the neighbourhood to encourage me on my way.

Made me smile.

very sweet...
March 24th, 2020  
you are right to anti bacterial everything Helen , stay safe
March 25th, 2020  
Made me smile too! I agree with you, nature seems to be taking a deep breath and saying "thank you"! It's all quite eerie when you do venture outside and I must say, under the present circumstances, I find staying at home not difficult at all! Pray it will soon be over, we will come out the other side and the earth will be slightly relieved by the respite we are giving it.
March 25th, 2020  
Good to seed there are still people with a sense of humour in the world during difficult times. It made me smile.
March 25th, 2020  
Made me smile too and we need as much to smile about as possible these days
March 25th, 2020  
I think you are right about Mother Nature. It reminds me of an old song from the 60s by Spirit. The lyrics go "its nature's way of telling you something's wrong . . . " When venturing out I feel like a child whose parents take her out during school hours for a doctor's appointment. Guilty and conspicuous.
March 25th, 2020  
glad that you're able to be out again. so hard to know what to do for the best in terms of safety - i have even wondered about picking up the newspaper from the mat. and i also enjoy the feeling of our house and garden being a sanctuary until we go out for the permitted exercise or food shop. how much our lives can change in a month
March 25th, 2020  
Good cheerful advice here! I agree that nature feels more at ease without us and at the rate we are going it shouldn't have too long a wait to be without us entirely!
March 26th, 2020  
Your picture brought a smile to my face, which I thank you for. :) I can relate to your words...Mike and I went to the grocery store over the weekend. It felt odd to be out and about, and I couldn't wait to get home! The power went out in the store, which added to the already tense atmosphere. Thankfully, it came back on quickly; but then the whole thing happened again a few minutes later. It felt good to get home.
March 30th, 2020  
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