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Update Jan 2017

I have completed a year, with a gap in the middle and a gap at the end before coming back for another go in 2017. Had so much fun, got completely absorbed and learnt a lot in 2016, so looking forward to bumbling through this coming year and picking up some tips, some skills and some encouragement along the way. Hoping to give some encouragement too, as this is such an inclusive and positive environment to share in.

Taking pictures helps me to be more observant and to always look for beautiful shapes, colours, lights, patterns and contrasts. Because I look, I find them, and so the world becomes more beautiful and interesting.

Would love to improve my skills with the camera, so I am giving this challenge a try although I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I should add that I don't have an SLR but use a Panasonic DMCTZ40 with a 20 x optical zoom lens. it is a lovely pocket camera but I'm beginning to want to go the next step.