My Repair Man by homeschoolmom

My Repair Man

We had an issue with the outlet under the stink, so the garbage disposal wasn't working. So my almost 18-year-old son went the hardware store and got a new outlet and installed it with only minimal help from my husband. And after all that work, it still didn't work......because the GFI circuit tripped for some reason and we didn't realize it because everything else in the kitchen was working, even the microwave plugged into the GFI outlet. Oops. At least he knows a valuable skill now.
LOL! Great shot of your personal handyman
August 8th, 2020  
At least it's not the butt crack shot so often associated with plumbers ;-P
August 8th, 2020  
@aikiuser Hahaha! No, I just got the hairy leg shot!
August 9th, 2020  
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