Night fishing by huvesaker

Night fishing

Took a little wander to visit my son and his friends at the lake. They are sleeping there tonight and fishing for crayfish. A tradition we have had since he was about 6 years old...he is now 16. Last year was the first year he was there with his friends on his own. They are all so tall as well now, I feel like a little pebble amongst them all.
Shall go back at 7.30 am and bring them all home. Then I shall show him how to cook and freeze them all.
Fun with traditions and tonight it is very warm out there so they will be fine.
Hope you all have a good evening and that your weekend brings happiness. Look after yourselves and keep smiling. Most importantly, be kind to yourselves and others.
That's quite a haul! I love good traditions too.
August 14th, 2020  
So nice they can go and hang out at the lake independently.
August 14th, 2020  
I love traditions. They are a family's legacy.
August 16th, 2020  
I think we call them crawlies, the Aussies, yabbies. We never had any left over for freezing!
September 7th, 2020  
Hope you are OK Boo.....haven’t seen you posting for a while!
September 24th, 2020  
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