Quincy Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan  by illinilass

Quincy Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan

Visited this mine which worked from 1848-1945.
My first visit to an underground mine! Very interesting tour, but so thankful I never had to work in one. On of the shafts goes down over 9,000 feet.
Great shot👍😊
June 7th, 2023  
Sounds like an interesting day.
June 7th, 2023  
Wow, that's interesting.
June 7th, 2023  
Nicely captured.
June 7th, 2023  
And those mines are cold too! We've toured a couple mines and underground caves- fascinating places but like you, I would not want to work there. Nice shot!
June 8th, 2023  
Since the mine goes down to 9,000 feet, the guide said it gets up to 90°F. 33°C. Then in the UP winters you would come up to well below zero!
I had a great uncle die in a mining accident in Yorkshire, but I have no idea how deep he was.
June 12th, 2023  
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